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09 January 2019

Norway’s E18 Lysaker-to-Ramstadsletta project faces funding issue

First published09/01/2019

A lack of financing is jeopardising construction of the new E18 highway between Lysaker and Asker on the outskirts of Oslo.

Media reports say that the Norwegian Road Administration (Statens Vegvesen) has received no funding for the project that is scheduled to start next year.

The first phase of the project, between Lysaker and Ramstadsletta, has been scheduled for 2019-2024. Around 90,000 vehicles use the existing E18 road, a local thoroughfare. The new E18 will include cycle paths, pedestrian ways and be underground through several communities.

The risk of delay is due to disagreement between the Norwegian Parliament, local politicians in Oslo and the county of Akershus about road tolls. Svein Røed, project director, reportedly said that costs will increase significantly if the project has to be restarted at a later stage.

The 5km Ramstadsletta-to-Slependen section of the E18 is planned 2024-2029, according to Statens Vegvesen, and is part of the overall development of the West Corridor.

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