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Innovative concrete paving technology is coming to market

First publishedin World Highways
January February 2014
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Guntert & Zimmerman paver
The highly sophisticated EGON system is at the heart of the new pavers from Guntert & Zimmerman
Two of the leaders in the concrete paving sector are broadening their range of technology, with new systems now coming to the international market

The concrete paving market is a niche segment of the construction equipment business, with only a few specialist firms competing. North America is the home of concrete slipforming technology and it is no surprise that all but one of the leading firms in the sector are based in the US. The technology is used worldwide however and with asphalt prices at a high, concrete road construction is gaining ground in some sectors. In climates with huge temperature variations between summer and winter, concrete road construction is sometimes favoured as this can cope over the long term with heat variations while new surface finishes can provide good anti-skid properties.

Gomaco will offer its next generation, three-track Commander III to contractors in the third quarter of 2014. Key improvements for the machine are the new G+ control system and Tier 4 engines. The machine has a redesigned frame and operator’s platform with a pivoting operator’s control console. The frame has been rebuilt to accommodate Tier 4 engines and the necessary cooling packages, and the diesel’s mounting has been reversed. This provides improved visibility as well as better access to service and fill points. The machine will be available with an optional on-board camera as a new safety device to survey designated areas of the slipforming process. The camera can be positioned anywhere around the paver and feeds live to the G+ display on the console.

Along with the increased operator visibility, the machine offers increased operator comfort due to a vibration isolated platform and lower noise from the engine and cooling system. The cooling package has its hydraulic fan controlled by the G+ to suit job-site conditions while the machine has improved fuel efficiency with load-sensing hydraulics and better overall fuel efficiency.

The new GBox is fitted on every leg to accommodate improved steering and grade with G+ controls.The GBox features a new location for the slave controller and proportional valves, reduces hose and wiring needs, and eases serviceability and troubleshooting.
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The GOMACO 9500 is now available with the firm's advanced G+ technology
Also from GOMACO, its proven 9500 concrete paver is now available with the firm’s proprietary G+ control technology and G+ Connect technology. This boosts the machine’s versatility and the updated machines can also now be used for trimming, concrete and asphalt placing, and shoulder trimming. The wiring in the 9500 operator’s console has been redesigned, while a rear steer control is available and the trimmer load control can be monitored on a digital readout.

The 9500 has an updated CAN-based operator’s remote control featuring a digital machine control display, with selections for conveyor control and travel and steering and a joystick for proportional control and movement of the discharge conveyor. Connections for the remote control are at the front and rear of the operator platform. The 9500 has two ground level remotes, with the G+ MiniMote assisting in connecting the trimmerhead or hopper, and loading the machine. The second new remote is for the 9500’s hopper when the machine is being used as a concrete placer. Both of the ground remotes can be operated from either side of the 9500.

The 9500 rear steer control allows the machine to back up on stringline, while a digital readout for trimmerhead load control shows pressure and flow during the trimming process and will automatically slow the machine during a heavy trim. The 9500 can operate on stringline, 3D stringless controls and G+ features a range of sensor capabilities for controlling slope, grade and steer with set-up configurations for an array of project requirements. The machine can be used with 3D stringless systems, laser controls, sonic sensors, rotary sensors, slope sensors. Connecting through the G+ Connect system means that the G+ controller automatically recognises the control system and allows two-way communication.

The two-track 9500 with front-mounted trimmer allows trimming to the end of each pass or close to obstacles. A single-drive, hydrostatic motor boosts productivity while precise control of travel speed ensures trimming accuracy and mobility. The 9500 can make a 360° turn within its own length for maximum maneuverability around a job-site that has challenging conditions. The 9500’s rear conveyor has a 914mm wide belt and a 10.6m long reach during machine operation, and a conveyor belt speed of 153.6m/minute. The rear conveyor has a 160 degree swing with hydraulic height adjustment up to 3.7m. The optional hydraulically folding rear conveyor allows job-site mobility, safe operation, and transportability.
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GOMACO’s Commander III paver
A new, low emission engine and the latest G+ system are key developments for GOMACO's Commander III paver
Meanwhile the key development from Guntert & Zimmerman is with its highly advanced EGON IntelliMatics system. The company also has other important recent developments in the shape of its updated TC1500 Texture Cure Machine, the S600 Multi-Purpose Concrete Slipform Paver and the TeleEnd telescopic screed ends.

The (equipment guidance and operation network) EGON IntelliMatics package allows a greater degree of telematics monitoring of the machine than with previous technology from the firm. In addition to monitoring engine functions so as to allow a contractor to address small performance issues before they become costly, this new package gives the user remote access in to all aspects of machine operation, including hydraulic and electrical functions.

By using Internet connectivity on the machine, a contractor can follow the operation of the machine remotely, using either GSM or wifi connectivity to geo-locate the paver in real-time and monitor operating parameters. The remote diagnostics mean that machine health and error codes can be tracked as well as routine service requirements. The EGON system provides continuous monitoring of operating functions, including the steering sensors and position switches and allows a contractor to view the profilograph in real-time.

Meanwhile, the firm’s updated TC1500 Texture Cure Machine offers new relocatable jacking columns, a new cure spray hood with a quick width change feature, a new cure spray system, new standard cure tote usability and the new EGON Plus+1 controls. The S600 Multi-Purpose Slipform Paver can be equipped with the EGON IntelliMatics and TightTrack systems. This last allows contractors to pave with only 300mm of companion lane trackline. And the novel TeleEnds can be fitted to the either end of the a paver to allow increases or reductions in pavement widths while the machine is in operation, so as to avoid obstacles such as drain covers or roadside posts.

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