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Wirtgen introducing new concrete paver range

First publishedin World Highways
January February 2015
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Wirtgen SP94i
The new Wirtgen SP90 series pavers offer an increased range of paving widths over the SP80 series models being replaced
Wirtgen is introducing a new concrete paver range, the SP90 series. These models will replace the existing SP80 series as well as the SP850

Four basic models have been announced at present, the SP92, SP92i, SP94 and SP94i, although with the range of options and features available, the capabilities offered will be extensive.

Paving widths for the machines now range from 2-9.5m, increasing the maximum width and allowing these units to handle a wider array of slipforming tasks than the earlier SP80 Series models.

The SP92 is powered by a diesel delivering 224kW that meets the Stage IIIA/Tier 3 emissions standards, and is suited for applications in emergent markets where there is no access to clean fuels free from sulphur. Meanwhile the SP92i variant is powered by a Stage IV/Tier 4 Final compliant diesel delivering 231kW for customers in North America and the EC. Both variants run on twin tracks that are 2.675m long by 350mm wide. Maximum paving thicknesses of 350-450mm can be achieved depending on the set-up, while machine weights can vary from 30-45tonnes, due to the wide array of options and configurations available.

The SP94 is also powered by a 224kW diesel that meets Stage IIIA/Tier 3 requirements for emergent markets, with the SP94i driven by the same 231kW Stage IV/Tier 4 Final compliant diesel as the SP92i. The SP94 and SP94i slipform pavers run on four tracks, with two different size options available and due to the wide range of configuration options, working weights can range from 30-65tonnes. Customers can specify the machines with tracks that are 1.2m long by 300mm wide or 1.385m long by 350mm wide. The steering is digitally controlled, to ensure the SP94 and SP94i can track precisely around curves.

So as to meet the paving needs of different customers, the SP90 series machines can work with either dry or wet mixes. To further ensure accurate tracking when operating under load and around tight curves, the new machines have Wirtgen’s Wi-Steer and Wi-Control systems. The machines are available with the firm’s standardised 3D interface, allowing the customer to select a machine control system from different suppliers.

The increased engine performance from all four models also comes with improved fuel economy, due in part to the Eco Mode feature that optimises engine speed for the duty cycle. The modular design is said to allow the machines to be configured in a wide range of layouts, so as to meet paving needs. Other features include a fast-responding electronic slope control to ensure the machines keep the paving work to the required grade, as well as ease of transportation and low working noise.

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