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Novel drilling system from Minnich

First publishedin World Highways
January February 2016
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Minnich unit
Versatility is claimed for the new Minnich units
Minnich Manufacturing has expanded its product range with a series of new models that offer additional capabilities. One of these is a special application drill designed for pinning temporary concrete barriers that separate traffic from work zones. The drill is said to save time and cost by eliminating the need for multiple workers to drill holes by hand.

The barrier-mounted drill is designed to ride along the top of the wall and can drill three holes simultaneously. The self-propelled machine runs off an air compressor, while a tethered controller allows the operator to move the machine to its desired location, make adjustments and operate the drills to nail down the temporary concrete barriers.

The customised drill was not only built to provide efficiency, but has many safety advantages to it as well. By having a tethered controller, the operator is removed from debris and dust. It keeps workers from drilling holes manually and allows workers to be on the non-traffic side of the barrier wall to keep them away from live traffic.
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Minnich unit on top of a barrier
The new Minnich unit can run along the top of a barrier
Meanwhile Minnich is also now able to meet the needs of construction companies requiring specialty drills that are custom-built to demanding specifications. The Minnich A-1 Series single-drill allows contractors to maximise versatility and work efficiently in tight spaces. These novel A-1 Series machines can be configured to drill four ways; horizontally, vertically, into a wall or 150mm from a corner. This eliminates the need for additional equipment or conversion kits. The A-1 Series includes models that can fit into 914mm and 1.22m cutouts with their wheels on, making repositioning easy. For jobs in even closer quarters, the A-1 Series offers drill options for 610mm and 762mm openings.

In addition, the Minnich A-3SCW/A-4SCW/A-5SCW on-slab self-propelled wireless units increase drilling efficiency, accuracy and safety. This wireless remote control technology enables operators to drill up to five holes at once and drive down the slab to drill the next set of holes. By standing at a clear vantage point, operators can drill faster and more accurately while avoiding dust, debris and obstacles. Power crab steering further boosts efficiency by letting operators drive down the slab without raising and lowering the drill bed.

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