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Drilling rig for Russian road project

First publishedin World Highways
January February 2016
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Sandvik Construction DQ500 drill rig
The Sandvik rig has proven itself in a tough drilling job in Russia
A Sandvik Construction DQ500 dimensional stone drill rig has proved useful on a road project in Dagestan, Russia. Local contractor, Dagestan Vzryv Stroy, is using the drill rig to work on the reconstruction of the Avar-Kakheti road.

The reconstruction of the Avar-Kakheti road began in early 2014. The local authorities were keen to rebuild a section of the 83km route where it runs through mountains in order to connect Russia with Georgia. The economically important project was given a national grade as it was seen as essential for strengthening relations with neighbouring countries, and developing the economy in the Dagestan region. The construction of the new road should be completed by 2017–2018.

In 2015 the Russian government allocated more than US$576 million to the project. Despite tough operating conditions, the firms working on the project have managed to complete a large volume of drilling and blasting, as well as constructing 25 bridges, five tunnels and 10m high retaining walls.

Some of the most demanding project work related to blasting and drilling, and is being undertaken by a local contractor, Dagestan Vzryv Stroy. Currently its operators are working on widening from its current 5m to 12m. The firm wanted to buy a newer and safer rig and initiated discussions with construction equipment specialist company, Quarry Service, the official distributor for Sandvik Construction in Russia.

Following site visits and in-depth analysis of what was required Quarry Service was able to recommend a solution for drilling marlstone which is abundant in this particular area. Quarry Service also provided a thorough geological study of the location, which led to the recommendation of making drill rig versatility the primary factor in equipment choice. Dagestan Vzryv Stroy chose a DQ500 dimensional stone drill rig. Despite its compact size the DQ500 is able to deliver 129kW of power.

The DQ500’s low weight, greater mobility and versatility have made the DQ500 useful for the work. The roll-over boom feature found on the DQ500 has also made an impressive contribution; using unique Sandvik technology, the rig is able to spin around the axis and drill at different angles. This has made a massive contribution to safety, efficiency and productivity. Its cost effectiveness is further enhanced by the low fuel consumption of the engine, which has made a significant contribution to reducing project fuel costs. Since buying the machine the firm has decided to replace its existing machines which are much older.

Anvar Aivazov, CEO of Dagestan Vzryv Stroy, said,  “The old rigs were decommissioned right after we purchased DQ500 since it can singly cope with the huge amount of work under any conditions. After completing this project we plan to move to Chechnya and North Ossetia to build new roads. Of course, we are also considering expanding our machinery fleet with Sandvik Ranger or Pantera rigs.”

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