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HAMM’s novel compaction solution

First publishedin World Highways
2016 November December
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HAMM’s novel compactor crusher drum
HAMM's novel compactor crusher drum with its replaceable tools offers a range of applications
HAMM is offering an innovative compaction crushing concept to construction customers - Mike Woof writes

HAMM has put its novel crusher drum compactor system in series production. This is based on soil compactor technology, with the key feature being the innovative detachable tools. The idea behind the concept is that a large single drum roller can be used both for crushing and compacting rock. HAMM first unveiled its prototype in 2013 but has been developing and improving the system in a series of trials in a wide array of tough working applications. The design has been refined as a result, with the firm now claiming this offers a productive, heavy-duty and long-lasting machine solution for customers.

The vibration crusher (VC) system can save time and costs according to the firm, by allowing two tasks to be carried out simultaneously. An array of different material types can be crushed and compacted, while customers can also change the tool types on the drum to suit varying material grades or applications.

The tool holder design is based on experience with other Wirtgen Group machines such as planers and stabilisers. This ensures that the tools can be changed over quickly and easily, while the retaining devices are also sufficiently rugged and durable to cope with extended hard use onsite. Customers can switch between the rock crushing picks or padfoot inserts as required.

Because the drum configuration can be changed by using different inserts, the application range is also wider than for a conventional single drum roller. These machines can be used for specific tasks such as crushing and compacting a rock tipped from a truck so as to construct a homogenously prepared road base. Applications can range from conventional tasks such as earthmoving or road building and preparing the way for tunnel approaches.

Each drum features 150 of the specially-designed toolholders. The design ensures that the picks do not jam in the holder after use and remain easy to remove. Meanwhile customers can also put the tools back in again when they are required for further duties. The firm is offering two different inserts for crushing or loosening: a standard unit and a special mining product for heavy-duty work. The two units both feature integral solid carbide tips but have been developed with different geometries to suit use in materials with different compressive strengths. Fitted with picks, the crusher drum can be used to break up rock layers consisting of basalt, granite or minerals of comparable compressive strength as well as mixed soils, while compacting the soil at depth according to the firm.

Road building applications include the breaking up of larger rock sizes into smaller and more homogenous grades as well as compaction during cold recycling work. The firm also says that the VC compactors can be highly effective for crushing concrete rubble for recycling applications. Other potential duties include applications in rock engineering such as the pre-crushing or loosening of stone or the maintenance of quarry haul roads.

Equipped with padfoot inserts, the machines can be used to compact cohesive soils and can offer increased efficiency over conventional padfoot rollers. This is because the padfoot inserts can be replaced as wearing parts when worn, without the need to replace the entire drum at much greater cost.

When crushing hard rock with simultaneous compaction, fewer excavators and crushers are required. This streamlines the process, reduces the fuel requirement and saves on equipment needs and transport costs. Meanwhile experience with the machines in tunnel building operations shows that milling capacity can be increased through pretreatment with the crusher drum.

HAMM is offering the VC crusher drum on two compactors. For markets requiring Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emissions compliance the system is available on the H 25i VC, which is powered by a 160kW diesel. Meanwhile for markets with Tier 3/Stage IIIA requirements, the system is available on the 3625 HT VC, with power from a 155kW diesel.

As with other compactors in the range the machines are fitted with the firm’s Hammtronic machine control system as standard, which optimises engine output, adjusts travel and vibration parameters to the conditions and allows climbing abilities of over 60%. In addition the machines feature durable earthmover tyres, ROPS cabs, a special front drum assembly incorporating strengthened suspension and a drive supplying 30% more torque than available on standard models.

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