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SANY Road Machinery is looking to increase export levels

First publishedin World Highways
January February 2015
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China SANY Road Machinery R&D
The latest double drum compactors from SANY were developed in the firm's German R&D facility
SANY Road Machinery says that its machines offer customers a very good return on investment - Mike Woof writes

SANY Road Machinery looks set to boost its profile outside of China. The company has been focussed on the Chinese home market in recent years, due to the massive highway expansion programme in the country. However with 80% of the country’s highway construction programme now complete, SANY Road Machinery is looking to further develop its export business. Wang Zuochun is senior vice president at SANY Heavy Industry and is in charge of SANY Road Machinery. He said, “We have almost finished the city and rural road construction in China so now we’re thinking more about the international market.”

Zuochun said that demand for road machines internationally is around three times that for the Chinese market, so the company sees strong export potential. He said, “We focus on markets that are not so well developed where they have an infrastructure requirement.”

These territories include Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Russia and South America. “Our service centres and sales centres are focussed in those regions, but we are just at the very beginning. The Asian Pacific and African markets are the most successful now, while for areas like Russia, the Middle East and India; we’re just getting into these markets.”

Zuochun said that the company provides its customers with very good value for money, both in terms of product quality and levels of back-up. Support to customers is carried out in different ways, depending on the territory, with the company sending its own sales and service teams to certain markets. SANY Road Machinery also operates a different customer support structure from the firm’s other machines. The firm provides specialist teams to help dealers with sales and service support, as well as providing training.
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SANY Road Machinery Wang Zuochun
Wang Zuochun is senior vice president at SANY Heavy Industry and is in charge of SANY Road Machinery
SANY Road Machinery offers a proven service and has a substantial share of the country’s home market and Zuochun said, “Around 70% of the road projects in Beijing have been carried out with SANY machines. We are number one in the Chinese market. We excel in service.”

In 2002 SANY started to sell road machines outside of China, with the equipment being supplied to Chinese contractors operating on major projects in those territories. But in 2010 the company moved beyond simply supporting Chinese contractors working outside of the country, by setting up an international dealer network to sell to overseas firms as well. The product range too has been expanded and developed to meet the needs of international customers. The units SANY Road Machinery supplies to export markets tend to be at the smaller end of the range compared with the units sold in the home market.

Machines are available with Tier 2/Stage II or Tier 3/Stage IIIA compliant engines, with Cummins diesels used across much of the range. Only those models at the smaller end of the line-up are powered by SANY diesels. SANY Road Machinery says it is ready for the new Tier 3 equivalent emissions legislation China is introducing in 2015. Zuochun said, “We’ve already developed machines with both Tier 2 and Tier 3 engines.”

The firm’s double drum rollers for asphalt compaction were developed at the company’s R&D facility in Germany. “We have core technologies for our rubber tyred rollers. We developed our own all-wheel tyre wiping system and automatic tyre inflation system.”
Introductions for bauma China 2014

At bauma China SANY Road Machinery introduced a series of new machines; pavers, graders, compactors and a milling machine. One key launch was its new paver designed for use with warm asphalt and intended for use in urban applications where fumes could cause problems and where regulations control emission levels. Zuochun added, “We also have a good de-dusting system to make it very clean.”

Also in line with the theme of low environmental impact, the company also has a special low emission asphalt plant, designed to produce low temperature asphalt. This has been developed for a customer in Shanghai as the city’s emission laws are very strict. The new plant is said to feature emission levels of just 10% of those permitted by regulations, allowing the customer to retain its asphalt producing facility within the city as it will not cause a disturbance even in an urban site.

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