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Hitachi offers sophisticated excavator options

First publishedin World Highways
June 2019
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Hitachi's ZX210 excavator is now available with a sophisticated machine control package
Hitachi is offering novel versions of its latest ZX210 excavator model. One version is available with a sophisticated machine control package, while another provides an extra long reach capability. The ZX210X-6 ICT variant comes with advanced machine control technology from Trimble. This is Hitachi’s first ICT excavator and the firm claims that the technology will help boost efficiency by 30-50%, as well as improving safety.

The package allows the machine to dig to grade more quickly. The bucket angle retention allows slope finishing to be completed with fewer movements, while the overcut protection means operators can work without worrying about over-digging. Fast reacting sensors mounted on the body, boom, arm and bucket enable accurate measurement of the excavator’s incline and the angle of the front of the machine. The 3D package provides accurate position data for the machine and the system allows 3D design data to be downloaded via the internet or a USB device.

Meanwhile, the Super Long Front version of the ZX210LC-6 provides a maximum digging reach of 15m. The model suits work such as dredging, slope finishing and landscaping and features a large counterweight for stability and safety. The machine shares key components with the standard Zaxis-6 model and has been designed and built in-house. Powered by a 128kW diesel, it weighs around 25tonnes and benefits from a larger box-type cross section and thicker steel plates than normal.

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