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LiuGong launches world’s first intelligent wheeled loader shovelling system

First publishedin World Highways
January February 2019
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LiuGongLoader 886H.jpg
LiuGong's intelligent wheeled loader, the 886H
LiuGong has unveiled the firm’s first-ever intelligent remote-controlled shovel wheeled loader.

The 886H is said by the Chinese global construction, quarrying and mining equipment giant to be a combination of intelligent remote control and intelligent technology. The model’s intelligent wheeled loader shovelling system senses material penetration; has one bottom loading and dumping; along with bucket auto levelling and controllable placement of the bucket.

Intelligent shovelling enables the machine to shovel independently, as long as the driver controls the wheeled loader close to the stack. The operator only needs to lower its arm to carry out the second shovelling operation.

The 886H also applies the intelligent protection technology to trigger the automatic identification system and auto emergency stop.

As a result, the machine can not only be used in its normal applications, but also can be widely used in dangerous environmentS such as rescue and disaster relief. And the remote control technology makes it a match for the tasks in challenging applications underground or where there are high radiation levels for example. All the operations can be observed from the pictures that are sent back by the machine’s cameras, and the effective control distance is 2,000m.

A Cummins QSM11 diesel provides dependable power to the LiuGong 886H. Two working modes of Standard and Economic can be switched easily according to working conditions for additional energy savings. The newly optimised hydraulic system and power combination increase bucket breakout force and loading capacity. Careful distribution of stress loads improves job efficiency.    

The new constant flow hydraulic system is highly efficient, energy-saving and quick responding, it meets any compound actions with ease. The integrated FNR pilot control joystick is easy to operate.

The intelligent throttle control system can automatically adjust the fuel input to optimise the power output and save energy; the intelligent active protection can automatically identify the control status and stop the machine an emergency; the intelligent shovelling system makes the operation easy and reliable.

The LiuGong 886H has a 309° panoramic cab and has the largest interior space of all the Chinese wheeled loader ranges. All key buttons are within reach and the control handle can move with the operator’s seat. At the same time, the fully sealed and micro pressurised cab can effectively reduce dust and noise, creating a safe and comfortable environment for the operator.

The front-flip hood can be opened and closed by a hydraulic lifting system, allowing for additional maintenance space; a 360° surround platform is designed0 for easy access to all key components.

The 886H with intelligent shovelling system is to launch in the Chinese market in January 2019.

The groundbreaking model was one of six machines unveiled during the first day of a two-day 60th anniversary event late last year. The event was attended by 5,000 customers, dealers, employees – past and present – and the world’s construction equipment trade media at LiuGong’s HQ in Liuzhou, China.

The other models premiered were the 990F excavator, the B170DL bulldozer, the 4180D motor grader and the TC800C5 truck-mounted crane.

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