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Tough TBM camera technology

First publishedin World Highways
July August 2017

The second generation TBM camera from 3GSM is said to be tough and durable to suit hard rock applications.

The new unit is part of the ShapeMetriX TBM system and has been redesigned, making it more rugged than the earlier mode. However the new unit is sufficiently lightweight to be handled by a single person. New lights have been attached and the GoPro camera inside has been upgraded to version 5.

The TBM camera is water resistant and features a new clamping system for a quick and easy installation in circular inspection openings. The core camera body is detachable from the clamping system, so the camera is adaptable to custom installation openings by changing the carrier unit. The camera retains its control from a smartphone app, which is said to ensure that operation is straightforward. ShapeMetriX TBM is a 3D imaging and analysis system for digital tunnel face documentation during hard rock tunnelling with a TBM. It enables geometric analyses and geologic mapping.

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