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XCMG machines operating in tough Russian site

First publishedin World Highways
November December 2018
A fleet of machines from Chinese manufacturer XCMG has proven the reliability of the brand in very tough conditions in Russia. The three machines supplied by XCMG include one LW1200 model, the largest wheeled loader made by the company, as well as two DL900A wheeled dozers.

Despite the extremely harsh winter conditions experienced at the extraction site in northern Russia’s Arctic Region, the three machines have been able to clock over 20,000 hours. All three machines have been specially configured to cope with the winter conditions, with additional sealing and heating systems, as well as additional measures to prevent units from freezing. Some of the materials and components were specified to ensure that they would continue to function in sub-zero conditions, without risk of early failure. The ferociously cold winters place heavy stresses on equipment and personnel but the customer says that factors such as long component wear and good fuel consumption have made the XCMG units cost-effective to run. The fuel costs for the LW1200 unit have been some 15% lower than for previous machines used for similar tasks at the operation. Sticking to the service schedules for the equipment has ensured that availability has been extremely good, according to the extraction firm.

The driver of the XCMG LW1200 loader explained to local XCMG service personnel that although the machine has topped 20,000 hours it has remained highly reliable. The large cab is said to be comfortable and offer good visibility, while it is also well sealed to ensure that it stays warm when working in the harsh winter weather. Equipped with a 6.5m3 heavy-duty bucket, the machine has been productive and efficient for stripping operations, according to the operator. Meanwhile, the operator said that the heavy-duty bucket teeth and wear plates have also helped to increase the working life of the bucket. The design of the machine, with its long wheelbase and heavy-load layout has been specially configured for the Arctic conditions and the operator said that this has further assisted working in the tough environment.

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