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Key developments for tyre market

First publishedin World Highways
2015 November December
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Mitas HCM tyres
The new Mitas HCM tyres are said to be versatile and long lasting
Key developments in the tyre market will allow certain firms to reposition themselves - Mike Woof writes

New tyre types are now coming to market, while key business developments will allow some firms to reposition themselves. Perhaps the biggest business development in the market is the deal to acquire the privately-owned Czech firm CGS Holding by Trelleborg in a move worth €1.1664 billion (SEK10.9 billion). The finalisation of the deal is subject to approvals from the competition authorities but should be completed in the first half of 2016. CGS generated sales of around €591.255 million (SEK 5.525 billion) in the 12-month period ending on 30th June, 2015, with a corresponding EBIT margin of 16%.

“CGS will strengthen and complement Trelleborg’s already leading positions in a number of existing areas,” said Peter Nilsson, president and CEO of Trelleborg.

With the acquisition of CGS and its subsidiary Mitas, Trelleborg is reinforcing its leading position in industrial tyres. As a result of the acquisition, Trelleborg Wheel Systems will almost double its revenues, broaden its geographical reach and add new positions in complementary tyre niches. Mitas is performing strongly despite the current downturn in the agricultural market. Moreover, the acquisition of CGS’s other industrial polymer businesses will enhance Trelleborg’s leading positions in several of the Group’s existing business areas.

“CGS has a highly complementary manufacturing footprint with competitive production in Central and Eastern Europe, USA and Mexico. The transaction adds to our capabilities, represents a strong strategic fit and is expected to generate synergies. The plan is to integrate the acquired entities into Trelleborg’s existing five business areas,” said Nilsson.

New tyre products are also coming to market with Continental offering new solid types that feature an innovative three layer technology and are said to offer a long service life. The tough and durable CSEasy SC20, ContiRV20 and ContiPT18 are said to suit duties in harsh applications.

These units have a high cut and wear-resistant tread compound and a robust sidewall construction for a long service life and long operation.

The proven SC20 is equipped with the novel CSEasy mounting system, allowing the tyre to be fitted quickly and easily without a press and a mechanic to all Lemmerz-style rims. This offers greater flexibility and lower costs for users. In addition to its ease of mounting, the CSEasy construction also provides a low rolling resistance, long wear life and good stability.

The pneumatic ContiRV20 is also said to offer long wear life, good traction, and low energy consumption. It has an innovative rubber compound to optimise grip and traction on all surfaces, reducing stopping distances, even on slippery or sloping surfaces. The ContiRV20 is available in two versions: The ContiRV20 Velocity and the ContiRV20 Industrial.

The press-on-band ContiPT18 features a special tread design with a deep lug pattern and a modified rib for high traction and improved lateral stability.

Meanwhile the Mitas brand also has some new products coming to market and is now offering the High Capacity Municipal (HCM) tyres for urban use. The 540/80R38 HCM is the first size available, with another three HCM units being available in early 2016. Mitas says that the tyres are designed to work on various terrains mounted on different machines and applications.

The tyres have a novel design of cascade tread lugs said to optimise traction in snow, muddy and wet conditions and providing optimal self-cleaning properties.

The versatile HCM tyres can be fitted on a wide range of machines for a broad array of duties. The D speed category allows a limit of 65km/h so that the tyres can cope with on-road transportation.

Other benefits are said to include low noise emissions and vibration, due to different lengths of pitches and their alignment along the circumference. In winter conditions, the tyres can also be equipped with spikes for additional traction. The new Mitas 540/80 R 38 IND 172 A8 (167 D) HCM has a diameter of 1.83m and at a pressure of 3.2bar and a speed of 10km/h, it can carry loads of 7.9tonnes.

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