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Michelin offers new wheeled loader tyres

First publishedin World Highways
April 2018
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Michelin's latest tyre offering is said to offer long life and high traction
MICHELIN Earthmover is offering two new sizes of the XHA 2, a loader tyre for use on small- and medium-sized wheeled loaders used for material handling in quarries and sand and gravel operations.

The 17.5R25 size is targeted for small-wheeled loaders, while the 775/65R29 size is targeted for medium-wheeled loaders.

The firm says it worked with customers to determine the sizes that should expand the XHA2 portfolio. Michelin then field-tested these new sizes with operators to ensure they will deliver the necessary performance and results.

The MICHELIN XHA 2 17.5R25 offers a reduced risk of punctures and damage due to an increased volume of rubber and a deeper tread depth on the crown. The specially-engineered sidewall compound and robust shoulders are resistant to impacts, splits and cuts, and offer more protection with the enhanced reinforcement. New, non-directional, slightly asymmetrical tread pattern provides gradual contact with the ground, thus reducing vibrations and adding to operator comfort when compared in the field to the earlier XHA. The MICHELIN XHA 2 17.5R25 replaces the 17.5R25 XHA.

The MICHELIN XHA 2 775/65R29 can be fitted to the Caterpillar 972M loader. It offers a low-profile design with the same diameter as a 26.5R25 size, providing stability and improved flotation due to its wide footprint. The footprint also provides improved traction on all types of surfaces as well as better wear characteristics. The tyre is designed to have increased heat resistance which minimises internal casing temperatures for extended life. Using high-quality robust casings, a new belt design facilitates retreadability and repairability, adding to the overall lifetime.

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