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Tough cutters from Kennametal

First publishedin World Highways
2014 September
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Kennametal cutters
The new Kennametal pick offers greater life and cutting performance according to the firm
Kennametal claims its latest tooling system offers increased efficiency due to increased cutting action and decreased cutter drag. The new KPL and KPR 302 system from Kennametal features a longer gauge length for road milling drums, which reduces power requirements when planing. At the same time, the new system is said to offer 20% greater wear length allowing longer working before tool changes are required. Meanwhile conveyance capacity is said to be improved by 50% while reducing drag on the cutter.

Kennametal’s KPL and KPR 302 system is a taper-press retention system that can be installed quickly and reliably and requires only a single spare part for backup, unlike some rival systems featuring threaded components that need more replacement parts and also require threading into place at the required torque level and for effective installation. The KPL and KPR 302 tools and holders are designed for all road milling applications and cutting conditions, particularly for profile milling with cuts greater than 150mm.

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