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On stable ground with reclaimer/stabilisers

First publishedin World Highways
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The roadtec stabiliser/reclaimer has played an important role on a construction project in the US state of Indiana
Sophisticated reclaimer/stabiliser equipment from Roadtec has been used to provide a base for a large car parking area and industrial building in the US state of Indiana.

The ground in the area is well-suited to agriculture, however this is less well-suited to construction. As a result the developer decided to use a large-scale soil stabilising approach so as to ensure that the area would make a stable base for the project.

Local contractor Stabilization Services was brought in to prepare the ground. The US$325,000 project involved providing a building pad and parking lot for The Peterson Company, a local construction and property firm.

The MC-1 project is located on a 21.14ha site in Mount Comfort, Indiana and the site has easy access to I-70. The warehouse building pad is 34,187m2 and the surrounding parking lot is 37,160m2. Stabilization Services completed its work on the building slab in just three days using its Roadtec SX-6e, adding some 1,200tonnes of lime kiln dust to the building pad. Crucially, this task was achieved before the winter weather hit. The building pad had 12,080m3 of material to be stabilised while the parking lot needed 13,150m3 and used 1,400tonnes of lime kiln dust. A GPS rover was used for layout purposes to ensure uniform material placement.

The mid-size SX-6e weighs 37.865tonnes and features a 503kW diesel engine that provides power to the rotor through a direct drum drive. The machine is capable of cutting up to 508mm deep and 2,540mm wide.

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