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04 February 2019

Morandi Bridge investigation continuing

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com
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The investigation into the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in the Italian city of Genoa is continuing. The failure of the bridge in August 2018 resulted in 43 fatalities. A central section of the structure collapsed and most of the deaths were of those crossing in vehicles at the time, although the deaths also included those hit by falling debris underneath. A number of engineers and managers with responsibilities relating to the bridge are now being investigated directly. The investigators are also looking into whether proper checks were carried out on five other viaducts.

The contract for the design of the new bridge has already been awarded. However construction of the new bridge will be held back by the demolition of the existing structure. That this will be challenging is something of an understatement. Remove the stay cables, which carry heavy stresses, will pose particular issues. Demolition will have to be carried out without risking any more lives and without harming either the rail link or the existing residential and commercial buildings underneath. However the space underneath the bridge is limited, so bringing in the long reach demolition excavators and cranes needed will be difficult, as will removing sections of the structure. It will be an extremely specialised and difficult operation, potentially one of the most challenging demolition projects ever carried out anywhere.

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