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19 March 2019

UK: Pothole-free guarantee for five years?

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Pothole panic: Contractor guarantee against potholes could rise from two to five years

Contractors and utilities companies in the UK could be guaranteeing roads to be pothole-free for five years, according to new proposals.

At the moment, the guarantee is two years but the Department for Transport is conducting an eight-week public consultation on the subject.

Street Works UK, which represents the utilities sector, argues that the an increase is not needed.

The department is also seeking more innovation into how to better repair potholes, such as using asphalt with a higher bitumen content.

Last October the UK government promised local authorities in England an extra €488 million to repair damaged roads and to keep bridges safe.

The Asphalt Industry Alliance, many of whose members repair potholes, has claimed that one in five local roads in England and Wales is in a poor condition. The groups also says that more than €9 billion is needed to make the repairs.

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