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Fast and easy road drainage repairs

First publishedin World Highways
November December 2018
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The manufacturer claims that its Jig-Brix units are easy and quick to install
The novel Jig-Brix system is said to offer fast and easy repairs for road ironworks. This plastic inter- locking brick system is used for the construction of underground chambers and for the support of road ironworks. It also requires no mortar, speeding installation.

The Jig-Brix system is  manufactured from recycled polypropylene which is 100% recyclable and is able to cope with heavy traffic volumes. The Jig-Brix sections lock into place vertically and horizontally without the use of metal clips or screws. Plastic retaining clips enable secure location of the ironwork before surface material is used, while the outer profile of the chamber moulds itself to surface compounds.

This system is said to be strong and lightweight and does not require specialised tools for installation. The Jig-Brix sections can be adjusted on-site offering different sizes and depths as required.

Road repairs times are reduced and the system is durable, so does not require remedial work.

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