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22 November 2019

Algeria’s plan to build more concrete roads

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com

Algeria’s cement industry is increasing its production output considerably, with the price of this material also falling as a result. Estimates suggest that the country will have a surplus of 11 million tonnes of cement by 2022. Of this, some 2 million tonnes of cement will be exported, according to further industry estimates. As a result, there are proposals to utilise around 4 million tonnes of this surplus by building roads from concrete.

At present there are 18 cement plants in operation in Algeria, with a further four under construction. The sector had a capacity of 32 million tonnes/year in 2018 and estimates suggest capacity will reach 34 million tonnes/year for 2019 and 40.5 million tonnes/year by 2020.

The longevity of concrete road surfaces is considered an important factor in using this type of construction.