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27 November 2018

Ammann’s asphalt plant offering for China

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com
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Ammann is offering a range of versatile and productive asphalt plants for the Chinese market, which it builds at its facility in Shanghai. The firm’s range includes large and highly productive plants, as well as more compact units that are designed for mobility.

The Ammann ABP 320 HRT Asphalt-Mixing Plant is said to be an ideal fit for asphalt manufacturers that need to incorporate large proportions of recycled asphalt (RAP) without sacrificing production capacity and quality. Ammann is an industry leader in RAP utilisation with the 2-in-1 HRT (High Recycling Technology) plant, featuring both warm and cold recycling systems that can be used simultaneously.

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Ammann's ABP models can handle high percentages of RAP in the feed
Meanwhile the Ammann ABA UniBatch Asphalt-Mixing Plant is a robust product with tried-and-tested technology, delivering high performance, low fuel consumption and long plant life. The ABA UniBatch Plant is easily customisable with features such as fibre additions, foam bitumen, and hot and cold reclaimed asphalt. The plant is engineered for easy integration of future options and technologies.

And the Ammann ABC SolidBatch Asphalt-Mixing Plant is said to offer an outstanding cost/performance ratio. The purchase price is kept low because the plant is highly standardised and the base model features few extras. Instead, customers select the standard ABC SolidBatch model and then choose from a variety of options. Those options lead to a highly customised plant – yet customers only pay for the features they feel necessary.

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