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Beton bets on Amman’s CBS 120 SL Elba Concrete Mixing Plant

First publishedin World Highways
January February 2019
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Ammann's CBS 120 SL Elba Concrete Mixing Plant with swivelling hopper and additive storage containers
Ammann has assembled a plant that it says is highly competitive on price and performance for its customer Thomas Beton, a concrete supplier near Hamburg.  

Thomas Beton is among the leading producers of high-quality ready-mix concrete in northern Germany with daily deliveries to infrastructure sites as well as residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. The new Ammann plant – the ninth Ammann-Elba solution for Beton – means that Beton is strengthening its local physical proximity to customers and construction sites to hone a competitive edge in the concrete market.

Being closer to customers also ensures shorter transportation distances to satisfy environmental concerns. To this end, Thomas Beton now produces concrete at 26 facilities across the German states of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen and Lower Saxony.

The Ammann CBS 120 SL Elba Concrete-Mixing Plant features a frequency-controlled skip hoist. It offers theoretical output of up to 121m³/hour yet has minimal space requirements. Most of the components are galvanised to ensure maximum protection against corrosion.

Beton opted for the Ammann CEM 2660S Elba Single-Shaft Compulsory Mixer with its double helix. High mixing intensity and fast homogenisation are the hallmarks of the mixer.

“Simple operation and good access for maintenance were key factors in our decision to purchase this plant,” said Rainer Brings, chief executive of Beton.

Due to on-site conditions at Elmshorn, the Ammann CEL 210/6 Elba Linear Storage Bin was lowered by 3m to allow grade-level filling. This eliminated the need for an approach ramp, and additives such as steel fibres are now discharged directly onto the weighing belt at grade level. The opposite filling opening was increased to optimise filling and utilisation of the chamber volume. The segment dosing seals are operated pneumatically and their opening width can be adjusted freely.

“We are also able to handle the production of special concrete varieties and other difficult assignments with the accustomed quality,” said Brings.

Plant specifications were defined quickly and construction started promptly.

In its basic version, the Ammann CBS Elba plant is installed on concrete foundations, but mounting on a steel frame without foundations is equally possible. Chamber walls and partitions are keyed for assembly of the linear batcher. Pre-installation of components such as the skip hoist track and the segment dosing seals saves time on-site.

At winter temperatures, smooth mixing is ensured by the insulated housing together with a hot air/hot water system to heat the aggregates in the linear batcher and the feed water needed for the concrete.

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