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Indonesia crushing job for RM unit

First publishedin World Highways
2017 November December
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The Indonesian contractor PT Anugerah Andalan is using its new RM mobile crusher to produce aggregates for road construction projects – image courtesy of RM
A crushing unit from Austrian manufacturer RM is being used to produce materials for road infrastructure projects in Indonesia

The unit has replaced a combination of jaw and cone crushers used previously on the project. The RM 70GO! 2.0 has been used to crush river basalt and is the first mobile RM crusher to have been utilised in Gorontalo, located in central Indonesia.

The versatile RM 70GO! 2.0 was able to take the place of the customer’s previous jaw crusher and cone crusher combination. Since it was commissioned, the mobile crusher unit has been able to process the hard river basalt needed for road building and in a single pass.

Contractor PT Anugerah Andalan Perkasa began using the high-quality alternative system for processing river basalt as it needed a more efficient solution than the equipment it had been operating previously. PT Kusumaharja had been keen to find a crusher that would be able to handle the difficult conditions encountered while crushing the highly abrasive basalt.

Key features of the RM unit that appealed to the contractor were its compact design and the high quality of the output material. The machine was supplied to the contractor by Indonesian dealership GMT, which has also supplied service support for the unit.

Since it started work, the contractor noted that the RM 70GO! 2.0 is both more cost-effective and more efficient than the previous combination of jaw crusher and cone crusher. By operating the RM crusher unit, PT Anugerah Andalan Perkasa now processes the same volume of 0/63 river basalt, but using fewer machines. The RM unit also suffers from less wear and saves on fuel while producing a higher quality final material.

The mobile crusher is now processing extremely hard river basalt up to a size of 500mm. The material from the river is refined to produce 0/63 basalt aggregate and the company delivers 800tonnes/day, which is supplied for use in a number of road building projects in North Sulawesi.

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