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Speedy screen deck maintenance

First publishedin World Highways
April 2018
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Metso says its new screen media system speeds replacement times
Metso says that its new system makes screening media change-outs safer and faster. The improved attachment system helps to minimise downtime and as it is hammerless, allows safer installation, faster removal and maximised uptime.

The firm says that the new attachment system for its Trellex screening media offers increased productivity. Up until now, the removal of worn-out pin and sleeve screening media modules has been time-consuming and potentially unsafe. But with the new attachment system there is no need to use a hammer when installing and removing screening media. The specially developed pins can be screwed into place as well as removed using an impact driver. Accidents that occur when pins that are stuck and get torn off by force can be avoided. In addition to improved safety, the new attachment system cuts the change-out time considerably, resulting in higher uptime and productivity.

The new attachment system is currently available as a standard option for Trellex 305PS screening media in the most common build heights (40-60mm), and will soon be introduced for additional build heights.

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