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Versatile mix plant from Fayat

First publishedin World Highways
July August 2018
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The RM120 plant is designed to be versatile and mobile
Fayat’s Marini-Ermont division is now offering a new addition to its Roadmaster range: the RM 120 Allroad. This plant has been designed to allow road contractors to produce a range of high-quality asphalt types at very low cost.

The RM 120 Allroad is also designed to be very mobile, offering outputs ranging from 50-120tonnes/hour and capable of reusing up to 40% RAP. According to the firm, the plant is ideal for small- and medium-sized moving sites and can produce high-quality hot- or warm-mix asphalts with or without RAP.

Featuring the firm’s Retroflux counterflow technology, the RM 120 Allroad was originally designed to enable a regular recycling rate capable of reaching 40% RAP. Designed to meet all market constraints, the RM 120 Allroad has efficient metering systems, proven on demanding motorway and airport projects in France.

The RM 120 Allroad is aimed at customers looking for an easy-to-use asphalt installation that delivers high-quality asphalt, at low cost. The plant offers high mobility for all types of sites, including airports.

The unit comes in a monopack, with a large ground clearance for mobility and also offers a small footprint, allowing its use in small spaces, while the maximum height does not exceed 5m.

The firm says that as the RM120 is fitted with the same sophisticated metering and automation technology as other plants, it can produce high-quality asphalt. Meanwhile the firm also claims a low energy consumption due to the sophisticated burner with its compressed air atomisation system.

Fuel consumption is also reduced as the plant is fully insulated and has short circuits to optimise energy consumption. Meanwhile the Retroflux technology is said to ensure that bitumen fumes are incinerated to minimise emissions.

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