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Swept path software house Simtra bought by Transoft

First publishedin World Highways
April 2014

Further changes in the vehicle swept path software seem to have been triggered by last year's purchase of the UK's Savoy Computing by Autodesk and subsequent incorporation of its swept path and roundabout design tools into Autodesk's own portfolio. They are now sold as the standalone program Vehicle Tracking 2014.

Transoft Solutions, the Canadian-based company has now purchased the Swedish swept path software producer Simtra which only just released a new version of its PathPlanner program. Transoft itself produces the AutoTURN package and the airfield analysis program AeroTURN. Simtra also has a program specifically aimed at airports and aircraft paths.

Both versions of the tools will continue to be produced for the time being, though it would seem sensible to merge their best features in the future. A statement from Transoft says that the acquisition is important for both companies.

Milton Carrasco, president and CEO of Transoft Solutions said, "The technologies in our products, independently, are remarkable. Possible synergies make for an exciting future for us and our clients.

"Both Transoft and Simtra have a long-history of R&D and the union further solidifies the company’s mission to provide solutions that allow its customers to design with confidence.

“Our goal in merging the two brands under one umbrella is to leverage our resources in order to raise the benchmark” said Carrasco. “We recognise the importance of maintaining the highest level of support and care for our customers, new and old. We fully intend to maintain our attractive and equitable licensing practices.”

Internet access

Japanese virtual reality software maker Forum 8 has released a new version of its VR-Cloud. The program is a cloud-based interactive 3D system that allows the internet to be used to access and interact with a Forum8 3D VR environment. The connection can be made even with Android smartphones and is aimed at facilitating stakeholder consultation or training. The V5 version has a new user interface, a VR-Cloud script plug-in, and new home menus and contents interface.

Linux option

Belgian's Bricsys has made the latest version of its BricsCAD platform available for the Linux operating system as well as Windows. The V14 version which appeared for Windows last autumn adds a redesigned context-sensitive Quad cursor, associative views and sections, and other features. Bricsys, which sustains an increasingly large "ecosystem" of third party specialist programs on its AutoCAD compatible CAD platform, has also launched an Internet-based TV channel with tutorials and lectures. It is at www.Bricsys.tv.

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