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14 December 2018

Compact machine control package from Trimble

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The Earthworks GO! package from Trimble is a machine control package aimed at use with compact machines

Trimble is introducing the Earthworks GO! package, aimed at use with compact machines. This is a significant development as it will allow users of small machines access to machine control systems, improving productivity and work quality.

The firm says that its Earthworks GO! offering allows users to deliver accurate grading with a simple, portable package. This compact machine control solution runs on Android or iOS smartphones. Scott Crozier is general manager of Trimble’s general construction division. He commented, “It’s a very simple system.”

This package can be used with skid steer loaders or compact loaders from Bobcat and Caterpillar and is integrated directly into the machines. Crozier said, “You download the app and then fit the unit to the machine.”

The package can be used by contractors involved in general construction, site preparation and utility work for grading flat and simple slopes. The system utilises laser technology to provide dynamic, real-time position information and allows an operator to grade or cut profiles quickly and accurately.

The firm says that the system requires little training time and can increase an operator’s productivity up to 20%. It has software that guides the user through installation, setup and operating modes. The package was specifically designed for local small site contractors and owner-operators and is said to be the easiest system on the market to install. Trimble’s system allows full-sensing technology with no mounting hardware needed. Contractors can save machine profiles to the system to ensure the grading attachment only needs to be set up once. This makes it quick and easy to move the system between machines.

The package can be ready to use in minutes and Crozier explained, “It’s aimed at the smaller contractor and is a 2D system as not everybody needs 3D. It’s mostly for use with dozer blades on Cat or Bobcat machines but it will support a grader blade too.”

The emphasis is on using available technology and Crozier said, “It all runs on your phone and there’s no display needed.”

This system is the first in a portfolio of products for compact machines, with others planned to be introduced in phases.

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