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18 December 2018

Improving excavator efficiency with Trimble

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Improved excavator efficiency is claimed by Trimble for customer using the LOADRITE package
A new development from Trimble is the integration of its LOADRITE load weighing system for excavators using the Earthworks Grade Control package. According to the firm, this will allow customers to boost productivity and efficiency for excavation work. Contractors will be able to track the load carried in each bucket and monitor mass haul progress. This can provide an accurate picture, real-time picture of earthworks progress using the Trimble Earthworks monitor fitted in the machine. This data will also be downloaded for back office use.

The firm says that the system can be installed on any hydraulic excavator already equipped with the Trimble Earthworks package. According to Trimble this system delivers a transition between grade control and payload management, maximising the return on investment for the user.

Scott Crozier, general manager for Trimble's Civil Engineering and Construction Division said, “Now we’re integrating LOADRITE into Earthworks, we can figure out the weight in the bucket.”

He explained that by combining the firm’s machine control package with the payload management system helps to increase the versatility and productivity of an excavator, allowing an operator to dig precisely to grade while also maximising each truck load, boosting productivity.

According to Trimble this latest advance means it has the only aftermarket, mixed fleet solution that integrates grade control with payload management. The firm says that combining machine control and payload management on its Earthworks platform helps increase the versatility and productivity of an excavator, allowing the operator to grade to specification and also maximise every truck haul to speed working.

The Earthworks for Excavators Grade Control Platform is said to be easy-to-learn software and runs on an Android operating system. It provides integrated 3D aftermarket grade control automatics, allowing excavators can work semi-automatically, so that operators to deliver smooth, flat or sloped surfaces more easily.

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