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Topcon’s advanced software for construction

First publishedin World Highways
2018 December
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The new MAGNET package from Topcon Positioning offers additional capabilities for use with machine control technologies

Topcon Positioning is introducing the latest version of its MAGNET 5 software. This new version includes upgrades to the MAGNET Field, Office and Enterprise applications designed for advanced performance, third-party integration, and construction planning and oversight capability.

The package offers new flexible display options and additional customisable data labels. Additionally, operators can view GNSS status when the controller is connected to a total station in Hybrid mode, and show offsets as a visual reference when staking roads and lines. Improvements to MAGNET Field also contain new vertical construction capabilities including reflectorless layout.

The MAGNET system also supports third-party construction and survey file types. It includes filtering and editing capabilities to bring Autodesk and Bentley design files to the office or directly to field software. MAGNET Enterprise updates feature new cloud connection to Autodesk BIM 360 and Bentley ProjectWise as well as unlimited project file storage.

Additions to MAGNET Office are designed to be centred on contractor needs and include new advanced corridor functionalities for machine control file preparation, Mass Haul application improvements, and an integration of BIM for infrastructure features directly into the suite. 

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