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First publishedin World Highways
January February 2019
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JCB is now offering Topcon machine guidance technology on its 220X excavator
Topcon has been striking key deals with manufacturers of earthmoving machines to supply machine control packages. The firm has set up arrangements with both JCB and Volvo CE for its sophisticated packages, which will help customers to optimise operations.

JCB's new X-Series excavator is now being offered with a sophisticated machine guidance system from Topcon Positioning, which is said to boost productivity by up to 30%.

A result of a collaboration between JCB and Topcon Positioning Group, the Topcon X-53x 3D machine guidance system is available as an option for the new JCB 220X crawler excavators. Combining the advanced Topcon X-53x system with the JCB 220X excavator is claimed to offer up to 30% productivity gains over comparable machines without 3D machine guidance. In addition the package is said to offer improvements to fuel efficiency, as well as other savings on running costs and safety benefits.

The system is designed to optimise output by excavator operators with more precise boom, stick and bucket positioning. The key to this is Topcon’s multi-constellation GR-i3 receiver package.

The Topcon-ready kit on the 20tonne JCB 220X model includes the fitment of all welded sensor plates, mounting plates for the ECU, radio, satellite receiver and display, along with wiring through the cabin and upper structure excluding the boom and arm.

Installation is said to be simple and can maximise fleet performance. The package can also be moved from one compatible machine to another. Remote connection means that any software upgrades or updates can be installed as these become available. This also enables fault diagnosis by Topcon engineers or direct messaging to operators from plant managers.

The Topcon monitor displays multiple views of the machine, with the required finish grade dimensions transposed. Indicators display as the bucket reaches finished grade, reducing the risk of over-digging and cutting the time taken to achieve the required design.

Fuel savings are achieved by limiting the over-digging of material and site safety improvements and reduced contract times result from removing the need for personnel on the ground to manually mark out guides.

The new X Series 20tonne tracked excavator model itself has been developed to provide maximum operator comfort, durability and reliability in operation.

Meanwhile Topcon Positioning Group and Volvo CE have established a system to allow Topcon 3D machine control software (3D-MC) to integrate with the Volvo CE Dig Assist system for its excavators.

The firm says that the inte-gration of Topcon 3D-MC software is designed to complement the Volvo CE Dig Assist real-time guidance capability. This allows the use of 3D design files and connectivity with Topcon workflow solution platforms.

According to Topcon, using its latest technology will help improve workflows for machine operators, aided by the intuitive Volvo CE Dig Assist interface. And Volvo CE added that as its Volvo CE Dig Assist machine control solution can now handle 3D through the firm’s collaboration with Topcon, the package can be added as an app on its Co-Pilot platform. This facility allows a user to connect a Volvo CE machine to the Topcon eco-system that many of its customers already use.

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