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04 December 2019

Australia’s transport development a priority in New South Wales and Western Australia

First published04/12/2019

In Australia, the states of New South Wales and Western Australia are both setting transport development as a priority. Both states are planning major spending programmes on new infrastructure projects, with transport representing a key portion of that future investment.

Australia has a plan to spend US$2.68 billion (A$3.8 billion) on improving and upgrading infrastructure nationally, with some $775.85 million (A$1.1 billion) for road and rail development.

In all, New South Wales (NSW) will benefit from close to $374 million (A$530 million) of spending on infrastructure developments. Of the funding in NSW, this will include $102.27 million (A$145 million) to improve the Princess Highway, which comes in addition to the $352.66 million (A$500 million) already planned to be spent on improving this route. The additional funding package will include $130.5 million (A$185 million) to widen and improve roads connecting NSW with neighbouring Victoria State and Queensland State, as well as funding for upgrades to the Newell Highway.

Australia’s Federal Government and Western Australia State Governments are jointly agreeing to spending $663 million (A$940 million) for a series of infrastructure works in the state. Transport will benefit in particular, with eight current road and rail projects receiving additional funding. A further six transport projects will also benefit from the funding package.

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