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23 May 2019

Cairo’s massive new bridge

First published23/05/2019
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Egypt's transport infrastructure has seen massive development in recent years, with the upgraded highway connecting Cairo with the port of Alexandria being one of the major works carried out
Egyptian capital Cairo is already benefiting from the opening of a massive new bridge. Spanning the River Nile on the city’s northern side, the new structure will help improve traffic flow and cut Cairo’s chronic congestion. The structure is up to 67.3m across at its widest point where it crosses Warraq Island in the Nile. At this point it features six lanes in either direction, making it the world’s widest suspension bridge.

This bridge is one of several forming part of the new highway running across Egypt from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean coast. The project has cost US$9.94 billion to complete. The route includes the Shobra Neighbourhood Bridge, the Ring Road Intersection Bridge, the Western Nile Bridge and Eastern Nile Bridge, in addition to the Warraq Bridge.

However, the project has not been without controversy. Around 100,000 people live on Warraq Island and many protested against the demolition works carried out to make way for the new structure, as well as the against the planned residential development works.

The new highway link is one of several major transport infrastructure works to have been carried out in Egypt in recent years. Other major projects include the widening of the Suez Canal, complete in 2015 and a new road tunnel under the canal. They also include the rebuilding and widening of the main highway connecting Cairo with Egypt’s main port, Alexandria, lying to the north on the Mediterranean coast.
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