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25 April 2019

Chilean road tender due to open

First published25/04/2019

The tender process is due to open for a major road project in Chile. The budget for the project has now been increased from US$520 million to $800 million as extra works have now been included in the project. The work will be carried out on the Talca-Chillan section of Ruta 5, the main north-south highway in Chile. The winner of the tender process will carry out the construction work and then have a 10 year concession package to manage the highway. Rute 5 is one of the most important highways in Chile, stretching from Arica on the border with Peru in the north of the country, through the capital, Santiago, and then carrying on southwards into Chiloe Island. Once the Chacao Bridge link is complete, Ruta 5 will provide a continuous highway link from the southern end highway of Chiloe Island to the Peruvian border.

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