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22 May 2019

China’s Guizhou Province developing transport infrastructure

First published22/05/2019

China’s Guizhou Province is developing its transport infrastructure with a major programme of works being scheduled. Construction for six new highways is commencing during 2019, with the work being planned and managed by the Guizhou Provincial Transportation Department. These six highway sections will all feature at least two lanes in either direction, five of which will be for traffic speeds up to 80km/h.

The 162km Nayong to Qinglong highway however will be for speeds up to 100km/h, is costing over US$5.15 billion and will feature some sections with three lanes in either direction. The cost of the project partly reflects the challenges posed by the more mountainous terrain along the southern stretch. Work on the 1.02km Dejiang to Yuqing highway will commence in the third quarter of 2019 and will cost $2.06 billion. The 153km Liuzhi to Anlong highway is costing $3.52 billion, while the 106.4km Jinsha to Tongzhi highway will cost $2.53 billion and the 74.4km Jianhe to Liping highway is costing $1.89 billion.

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