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25 October 2017

Chinese mega tunnel project planned

First published25/10/2017

Plans are being drawn up in China for a new mega tunnel project in Guangdong Province. Details of the project, to connect Shenzhen and Zhongshan, have been released by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua. The 6.8km undersea stretch of tunnel will carry eight lanes, making it the world’s widest undersea road tunnel. The route will measure 24km long and will also include two artificial islands and two suspension bridge sections, with the project expected to cost in the region of US$6.6-7 billion in all. The project is due for completion in 2024 and construction work on the artificial islands is now commencing. The tunnel will provide a new transport link for the Pearl River Delta, providing an additional connection that will cut journey times for users as the existing Humen Bridge at present suffers from congestion and delays at peak periods.

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