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06 November 2018

Indonesia’s toll roads to join up

First published06/11/2018
Steady progress is being seen in Indonesia with regard to the construction of its major toll roads. A series of key routes are expected to start operations by the end of 2018. Banten’s Merak Port should be linked to the trans-Java toll road by the end of 2018. The target for the end of 2018 is for 941km of toll roads to have been completed, while the target for the end of 2019 is for 1,852km of toll roads to have been completed.

The Pemalang to Batang, Ciawi to Sukabumi, Pejagalan to Pemalang and Surakarta to Ngawi sections of toll roads are all opening. In November 2018 the Semarang to Surakarta, and Pemalang to Batang, section I and II toll road links are opening. And in December 2018, the Bakauheni to Terbanggi Besar, Batang to Semarang, Pasuruan to Probolinggo, Ngawi to Kertosono, Gempol to Pasuruan, Kertosono to Mojokerto and Porong to Gempol toll road sections are opening.

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