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16 September 2019

Mexico’s serious bridge condition problem

First published16/09/2019

Mexico has a serious problem with regard to the condition of thousands of bridges in the country. According to Mexico’s general road maintenance authority (DGCC), 2014 bridges in the country are in a very poor condition. A further 3,673 bridges require attention and just 38% of the nation’s vehicle bridges are considered in suitable condition.

More worryingly still, local authorities have generally only carried out visual inspection work of existing bridges to assess their condition. Proper structural studies have not been carried out and some of those thought to be in need of attention may well be in worse condition than has so far been recognised. Full studies on bridge condition have not been carried out since 2017 due to a lack of funds. In Tabasco State, Veracruz State and Tamaulipas State there are 150 bridges known to be in particularly poor condition and that require immediate attention.

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