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14 October 2019

Norway is reconsidering its key transport plan

First published14/10/2019
Norway is reconsidering its key transport plan aimed at removing the need for ferries along its coast. The programme was intended to build bridges and tunnels along the E39 route connecting Trondheim and Kristiansand.

The route runs from Kristiansand in the south of the country, along the coastline. Norway’s scenic coast features many fjords, with ferries currently crossing many of these. However the plan had been to build a series of bridges and tunnels to speed transport.

Faced with spiralling costs, the Norwegian Road Administration (Statens Vegvesen) has now decided that this plan for the E39, without ferries, would be too expensive. One bridge project has already been put on hold. Estimates have suggested the original plan involving bridge and tunnel links would come with a pricetag of €35.7 billion. Statens Vegvesen is presenting a new plan instead.

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