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21 August 2019

Questions still surround Colombia’s troubled Hisgaura Bridge

First published21/08/2019
Questions still surround the safety and structural strength of the troubled Hisgaura Bridge project in Colombia. Tests on the integrity of the bridge are being carried out by the Spanish firm Sacyr. The building of the bridge has been completed but the centre of the structure does not have the desired smooth deck surface. Instead, viewed from either end, the bridge deck can be seen to have a rippled effect. There are serious concerns within the Colombian authorities as to whether the bridge will be safe to use, particularly in the longer term. The undulations in the deck could result in the structure coping with additional stresses, particularly when heavy vehicles cross the bridge. The results of the tests will determine whether Colombia’s national funding agency will accept the bridge in its current state, or ask for the central section to be rebuilt.
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