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19 September 2019

Transport development potential in Russia’s east

First published19/09/2019

Eastern Russia holds considerable potential for the development of transport infrastructure projects. A new report from KPMG has highlighted the value of prospective projects in Russia’s most eastern regions, bordering China and Mongolia. According to the report, developing new transport infrastructure in the region will yield considerable revenue in terms of cargo transportation. The road and rail bridges spanning the Amur River that forms the border with China have been highlighted as being of strategic importance. These bridges are being built following a landmark agreement that was signed by the Chinese and Russian leaders. Their construction will connect a comparatively undeveloped area of Russia with an area of China that has been economically depressed for some time, boosting economic development for both. Other important projects include the Primorye - 1 and Primorye-2 international transport corridors (ITC).

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