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Heavy lifting

First publishedin World Highways
September 2018
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Demag CC 3800-1 Al Faris JS 650.jpg
A Demag crane carried out a heavy lift project successfully in the UAE
UAE-based crane service provider Al Faris dispatched a team to Hamriyah, to lift three 72m-long, 130tonne spud legs from a barge. The job needed a powerful and precise crane and a Demag CC 3800-1 proved to be a highly suitable machine for the project.

The unit first had to be transported to the worksite. The company’s own lowbed trailers needed a good ten hours to complete the 82km journey from the Al Faris location in Dubai Industrial City to the worksite. Al Faris’ own all-terrain cranes were used in order to set up the CC 3800-1.

At the worksite, Al Faris used 10 of its team members to get the crane ready to operate. The team decided on a configuration with a 108m-long main boom and a Superlift mast with a length of 36m. The central ballast totalled 50tonnes, the Superlift counterweight 325tonnes, and the counterweight on the superstructure 165tonnes. Once set up this way, the CC 3800-1 was ready to lift the three spud legs, (having a gross weight of 130tonnes each), at a maximum radius of 50m, swing them to the side, and then set them in place with the help of a 150tonne crawler crane. The CC 3800-1 only used 68% of its available rated capacity for the lifts. The Superlift Split Tray proved to be especially useful for the project. This tray makes it possible to uncouple the counterweight when it is no longer required for the ongoing job, so that the crane can then move only with the Superlift counterweight still needed.

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