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Clearview’s SolarLite road studs light for the long term on Guernsey

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com
May 2019
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Lighting for the long term: Clearview Intelligence's SolarLite Active Road Studs on the British island of Guernsey, off the northern coast of France
The number of drivers feeling safe travelling along two of Guernsey’s key roads has more than doubled following the installation of solar powered road studs.

In response to driver concerns about navigating unlit, narrow coastal roads after dark, Clearview Intelligence’s SolarLite Active Road Studs were installed along the La Neuve Rue at Albecq and Route de la Lague/ Route de Rocquaine at Fort Grey.

Traditional retro reflective studs are reliant upon a vehicle headlight beam to be seen up to 90m away. But active road studs emit light through solar powered LEDs which are visible from up to 900m. The active studs also have an operational lifespan of up to 10 years and reduces the need for regular maintenance and replacement work. The use of sustainable solar power also eliminates the need for mains power and roadside equipment.

The two rural Guernsey roads had previously little or predominately no delineation, but since completion of the project, 84% of drivers described the night-time visibility of the road layouts as “greatly improved”.

“While there was not a high accident rate along these routes, Guernsey recognised drivers’ feedback of the need for improved road safety measures and took proactive action,” said Graham Muspratt, senior solutions manager with Clearview Intelligence and who delivered the scheme on behalf of the Guernsey.

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“Given the topography of the area, mains power lighting was not practical nor atheistic. Also, traditional retro reflective studs would not have improved the short field of vision challenge.”

A road user survey, undertaken by Clearview Intelligence, showed that prior to installation only 46% of night-time drivers felt safe driving on the Route de la Lague/ Route de Rocquaine in the parish of Torteval. Similarly, just 40% of drivers using La Neuve Rue in the parish of Castel felt safe driving the road after dark.

However, following installation of the SolarLite Active Studs, 79% of drivers using the Route de la Lague/ Route de Rocquaine felt safe using the road after dark while along the La Neuve Rue, the figure more than doubled to 92%.

Following completion and monitoring of the initial trial project, Guernsey has commissioned a second phase of installations along additional routes across the island which are due to be completed this year.

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