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  • Pothole-Edmonton-2.jpeg Set the ALARM for repairs in England and WalesMore than 3,900km of roads in England and Wales will need essential maintenance within the next year, according to the annual ALARM survey* Cash-strapped local...
  • 043_JWH18 av.jpg Poetry in motionA heavy-lift operation by Roll-iT using Enerpac equipment delivered a bridge deck - with a poem engraved on the underside - to Antwerp's old harbour Only when the deck...
  • A14 - PIC 2.jpg The era of workzone dataPortable work zone messaging is now integral - not an add-on - when it comes to safety on large-scale highway projects. Andrew Williams* reports. Portable work zone ITS...
  • Yotta-Warrington2.png Better maintenance is on the Horizon for UK's Warrington CouncilGood, readable analysis of road surfaces to ensure sufficient maintenance funding is an essential part of asset management. The technical side of ensuring a good road...
  • Evolt_12072016_Argyll-Bute-Council-Lorne-Street-car-park 1.jpg Pollution-free highways of the future: a reality?More collaboration is needed to reduce the impact of highways on the environment, particularly air quality. The technology already exists, argue Bram Miller* and Martin...
  • 3D Laser Mapping LiDAR surveying is making inroads into asset managementIn the coming age of the autonomous vehicle, fast and accurate LiDAR surveying will be increasingly important, explains Valdis Vanags. The game-changing introduction of...
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