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NTEP certification for Intercomp’s LP78 wheel load scale

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com
January 2019
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Intercomp reports that its new LP788 wheel load scale is now NTEP Class IIII certified for direct enforcement for static wheel load weighing.

The 17.4kg scale features single-person portability and ease of setup for rapid weighing of vehicles. At just under 22mm high and with a 66cm-wide platform for dual tyres, the digital scale uses Intercomp’s RFX wireless weighing technology.

The LP788 NTEP-certified model features a weighing capacity of nearly 10 tonnes/wheel (20 tonnes/axle) which allows users to easily weigh heavy commercial vehicles. The scales incorporate fully electronic load cells that actively compensate for temperature, resulting in fast, stable and repeatable weighing.

In-scale solar charging decreases reliance on batteries. This also powers the digital display and wireless communication between scales and a variety of indicators.  Scales can add the axle weight from two scales on a single display. This  eliminates the need to walk around the vehicle for readings. The scales can also communicate wirelessly with indicators to display wheel and axle weights on an indicator.

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