Efficient construction management technology from Bentley

Bentley Systems is introducing upgrades for its successful SYNCHRO package for construction management. The software benefits from the new Bentley Infrastructure Cloud technology, allowing users to manage data from design to construction to handover to operations. The system ensures a single source of truth across the project lifecycle, keeping the entire extended project team on the same page.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / February 8, 2023
Bentley’s new construction management package offers efficiency
Bentley’s new construction management package offers efficiency

Bentley is able to deliver 4D/5D modelling services to help construction firms and owners generate digital twins for digital project delivery workflows. SYNCHRO’s 4D/5D model capabilities offer advanced construction modelling tools that make it easier to turn design and reality models into 4D construction models. These models can simulate construction operations, deliver model-based quantity take offs (QTO), and leverage the model as context for project task management and collaboration.

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