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15 April 2013



Skako Concrete unveils its Rotoconix mixer

First publishedbauma
Daily News
Skako Concrete has – literally – unveiled its new Rotoconix mixer after keeping the new model under cover until 11am on the first day of bauma.

The Rotoconix is designed for quick batching cycles, fast discharge and uniform mixing no matter the batch size. The mixer has three key parts, all of which are reversible. It combines a rotating cone a high-speed ‘turbo whirler’ and a screw.

Skako CEO Lars Bugge said the Rotoconix mixes efficiently even when not full. Its design, therefore, enables more flexible production by allowing batch sizes to be varied as equal mixing is achieved at all filling levels from 10% to 100%.
Three new models have been introduced in the range, with volumes of 750, 1,500 and 2,250litres.

It was originally envisaged for specialist applications involving the dispersal of the colour particles in face mixes used for paving, said Bugge. This type of aggregate-free mix typically requires high energy to ensure uniform mixing.  The Rotoconix mixer is also proving to be ideal for other types of mix that would otherwise require a high energy input, he said. It has also been used successfully for mixes such as clay-like concretes or ones with a high fibre content.

In addition, the company has also found that the Rotoconix reduces the amount of cement needed to achieve the required mix strength for both ordinary and self-compacting concrete, said Bugge.

The reversible ‘turbo whirler’ operates at high speed for better mixing. Skako said that it provides intense compression and increases cement activity, meaning that less powder is required. The turbo whirler is also designed to distribute the liquids rapidly into the heart of the mix. Another factor contributing to better mixing is the reversible screw.

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