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Road Paving and Recycling

08 February 2013



An improved paving control system is available from MOBA

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MOBA is aiming to improve paving quality and cut contractor’s costs with its sophisticated heat measuring package for asphalt pavers, as well as its new sonic ski system. Called the PAVE-IR, this heat measuring system provides accurate temperature scanning and monitoring of mat temperature during asphalt paving. This can be documented for an entire project and allow contractors to optimise processes and verify the quality of paving work.

Marketing manager Christine Seidel said, “The early generation system was successful in the US.” However she added that the mounting on a bar could restrict movement around the machine for the paving crew. She continued, “But this new generation system is mounted on a mast so it’s not an obstacle to machine operation. You can see in real-time when you start to get cold spots and you can collate all this data and send it to the office.”

She explained that this allows the contractor to identify potential problem areas and taking remedial measures, before leaving the operation, with a notable reduction in repair costs over the long term. And overall, the quality assurance offered by the availability of data will also cut contractor’s costs considerably and provide useful data to the client.

The system uses sophisticated temperature scanner over the entire paving width of up to 8m to measure the temperature of the asphalt. The measurement width can be set individually. The temperature profile is displayed in real-time on the display and the operator can react if irregularities occur. In addition, the profile is stored with the GPS position data and transferred to a USB stick and using the firm’s PAVE Project Manager software, the contractor can evaluate and document the data in the office.

Meanwhile the firm’s improved Big Sonic-Ski levelling system for pavers now uses four ultrasound sensors to prevent the formation of surface unevenness, compared with three sensors on the earlier generation package. Seidel said, “With three sensors you are fine for building a new road but you need four sensors for rebuilding a road as you may have sub-surface problems.”

With its four ultrasound sensors, the Big Sonic-Ski can smooth out road waves that occur in regular intervals of 5-7m and which cannot be detected when using a smaller number of sensors. The new generation is offered in addition the existing MOBA-matic and Big Sonic-Ski with three sensors. Both systems work on the same principle and use ultrasound technology. The subgrade is scanned over an area extending up to 13m and by calculating an average during the height measurement, a virtual reference level is determined and the paver’s screed is controlled accordingly.

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