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16 April 2013



BOMAG Economizer features in new light tandem roller range

First publishedbauma
Daily News
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bauma 2013 Daily Bomag Economiser
BOMAG light tandem range now features BOMAG ECONOMISER
The new range of Bomag light tandem rollers is a first for the compaction sector.

Using the BOMAG Economizer feature, the company becomes the first manufacturer to offer the roller operator a reliable instrument to indicate compaction progress.

From the operator’s perspective it is no longer just a ‘feeling’ which determines the quality during the compaction process. Now, with the Economizer, the compaction status is continually displayed and soft spots identified.

Until now, assessing the compaction status has been down to experience or instinct when it comes to light tandem rollers. As this approach can be unreliable, most operators stay on the safe side, preferring to carry out a few passes too many, rather than too few. The time, effort and expense that ensues can be significantly reduced.

The Economizer produces reliable work results and excellent road paving quality particularly in inner-city areas on cycle lanes, footpaths, car parks and service roads, where the roller operator has previously had no support in making decisions.

The display is situated on the machine dashboard; it displays compaction progress in real time with the aid of an LED indicator. Regardless of whether it is used on earthworks or on the most diverse asphalt layers, the machine reliably analyses the load-bearing capacity of the subsoil and reflects this in the increasing number of yellow LEDs illuminated on the display. When the number of LEDs stops increasing, compaction is complete.

The Economizer also detects weak spots in road sub-bases. The operator locates these with any sudden decrease in "compaction" LEDs.

Roller jump operation and the risk of aggregate crushing are also indicated to the operator by the last red LED lamp in the display. By responding quickly to this signal, the operator can preserve both the material being compacted and the machine.

The Economizer is now optionally available for tandem rollers in the new fifth generation BW 80 to BW 138. All new tandem rollers follow the series design and use future-proof engines complying with the latest exhaust classifications.

At Bauma 2013 BOMAG is displaying the BW 80, BW 100 AD-5, BW 120 AC-5 and BW 138 with Economizer. Furthermore, several machines are in use at the ‘city action’ demonstration grounds, where visitors can examine them in detail.

Stand: F10.1008/1