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Road Paving and Recycling

17 April 2013



Cat paving technologies lower operating costs

First publishedbauma
Daily News
Caterpillar is incorporating a number of paving technologies into its compaction, cold planning and paving machinery in response to customer request for improved technology.

This includes Cat Grade and Slope, standard on many Cat pavers and cold planers, which is engineered to help paving crews to precisely lay and mill material.

High travel speed Mobil-Trac undercarriage systems, the Cat Fumes Management System and Cat Compaction Control, which features on all of the firm’s soil compactors, tandem vibratory rollers and pneumatic rollers, are also aimed at simplifying operations.

“Customers tell us they want technology that helps them improve their productivity and their bottom lines,” said Jim McReynolds, president of Caterpillar Paving Products. “Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with solutions that reduce their owning and operating costs.”

Cat Compaction Control with Machine Drive Power (MDP) is now available on all B Series soil compactors. It works on both smooth and padfoot drums, measuring compaction with vibration either on or off. MDP measures rolling resistance as an indication of soil stiffness, and these measurements are less impacted by the dampening effect of cohesive soils, permitting the use with padfoot drums.

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