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Road Paving and Recycling

30 January 2013



Guntert & Zimmerman now offers a new concrete paver

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Bauma 2013 Preview Guntert & Zimmerman S850SL
The new G&Z paver shares features with the firm's other machines
Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) continues to develop its slipformer range with the addition of the new S850SL, a multi-purpose, mid-size paver. Features to boost its versatility include swing legs and the firm’s novel telescopic ends. This machine follows on from the S600 launched first in the domestic US and then on the international market. Like its smaller sibling the new S850 shares key options including the patented AccuSteer, slew drive track control and SmartLeg swing leg systems.

By using a combination of the AccuSteer and SmartLeg systems, the four swing bolsters and crawler tracks are semi-automatically walked into the outboard, transport position in around 30 minutes.

According to the company, the S850 is designed so as to minimise set-up time needed and maximise paving time when using the machine, while also delivering good smoothness capabilities, high versatility and manoeuvrability.

The company claims that the S850SL is one of the narrowest profile mid-size pavers available, further increasing its versatility. When fitted with special narrow grouser pads, the machine can work next to a temporary barrier wall on a companion lane trackline as little as 300mm wide, both with and without a dowel bar inserter (DBI). The features offered with the S850SL are said to provide significant time-savings and can allow a contractor more paving time during a working shift, boosting overall productivity during the season. This versatile paver is said to suit a wide array of operations including applications on city streets, secondary roads, highway and airport paving and ramps.

The new S850SL features a patented, double telescopic tractor frame, with an access walkway, and hose hinges. This design allows a nominal working range of 3.66-7.92m, with up to 2.13m of telescoping ability for each side. However customers can also fit the optional bolt-in tractor frame extensions allowing paving widths of up to 12m.  To further increase its capabilities and versatility, the S850SL can be fitted with the firm’s well-proven TeleEnd system. These telescopic paving kit end sections allow additional hydraulic telescopic ability of 915mm for each end while the newer TeleEndXL can add 1.25m. Further capabilities can be added to the S850SL such as a mechanical DBI and a choice of either hydraulic or electric poker vibrator units. The S850SL’s design shares features with other machines in the range and the paving kit, front tie bar inserter and various other optional attachments are interchangeable with other G&Z paver models.

Stand: F10.1013/3