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Road Paving and Recycling

18 April 2013



New compaction roller guidance system from MOBA

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MOBA asphalt compaction roller guidance system
MOBA's sophisticated asphalt compaction roller guidance system will improve finish quality
MOBA says that its colour-coded compaction roller guidance system, the MCA-2000, now comes with additional functionality. This package offers wireless data transfer between the roller and the office and will allow more homogeneous and high-quality compaction of an asphalt road surface. Marketing manager Christine Seidel said, “The operator can see what has been done, where the machine has been and where it should go next. At the end of the day all this day can be taken out of the machine and used to make up a report. You can also send back the data to the office in real-time."

Seidel explained that the system can be used for a single compactor or for a whole fleet of machines, also integrating working where several rollers are working with a large paver or multiple pavers are operating in echelon. The system measures the number of passes and the heat of the mat, although it does not as yet measure the compaction level carried out. Seidel added, “We will be able to add an acceleration sensor in the future, but not yet.”

Using the system means that data can now be exchanged between machine and office, eliminating the need to travel from the office to the construction site. The data is compiled into a report for quality verification, documentation and for tracking project progress.

The system uses temperature sensors to measure the asphalt temperature and GNSS positioning of the roller to ascertain the number of passes. The driver can identify where sufficient compaction has already been performed and where additional passes are still necessary. The temperature display ensures that compaction to be carried out while the asphalt is in its optimum temperature spectrum, preventing the compaction of asphalt that is too cold, which results in subsequent road damage. The system is said to be both easy to operate and install.

Stand: A3.227/326